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We see clients from across all age groups, from infancy, childhood, adults and older persons, and offer fee for service individual and group therapies to support your needs. We work with a wide range of presentations including anxiety, depression, attachment and relationship difficulties, trauma, personality disorders, infant, child and adolescent mental health, eating disorders and grief and loss.

We offer a range of evidence based interventions some of which include:

  • CBT;
  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy;
  • Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy;
  • EMDR;
  • Eating disorders treatment;
  • DBT; and,
  • Trauma-based CBT.

Our sessions are typically weekly and are located at the Wangaratta and Wodonga Gateway Health offices or via telehealth. Our Senior Psychologists are all AHPRA board approved supervisors and offer consultation and clinical supervision to interns and provisional psychologists across Gateway Health.

Children aged 0-13

Children aged 0-13 can receive a free service here at the psychology clinic. Psychological Therapy Services (PTS) is a short-term, free counselling service in North East Victoria and Border regions for children who are experiencing emotional or behavioural challenges. Children, like adults, experience difficulties from time to time that may affect their emotional health and wellbeing. We recognise that access to psychological support for children and their families is essential, as good mental health through infancy, childhood and adolescence often underpins mental health and wellbeing throughout later life. Children referred to the psychology clinic under the age of 13 incur no cost and are excluded from the below fees.

Click here for more information

People aged 13 and above

Through psychotherapy, people can develop a deeper understanding of themselves, improve their emotional well-being, and enhance their overall quality of life. The benefits extend beyond mental health, with research suggesting that therapy can also positively impact physical health and relationships. People above 13 years of age, referred to the Psychology clinic, incur the below fees.


  • Provisional and Intern Psychologists – $40 per session ( $20 with health care card). No Mental Health Care Plan required.
  • Senior Psychologists – Gap Fees Charged. GP referral via Mental Health Care Plan required.
  • Group Attendance – $10 per group session (in addition to a mental health care plan from your GP).
  • NDIS – according to your NDIS plan and service agreement.


We also offer formal assessment for the following areas (fees apply).

  • ADHD – adults and children
  • Cognitive Assessment (IQ) – all ages
  • Vineland Adaptive Behavior Assessment – to assist with NDIS applications.

Please note we do not provide reports for court proceedings, nor do we accept work cover or TAC referrals.

How to make a referral

To make a referral please contact the Gateway Health Intake worker on:

  • (03) 5723 2000  (Wangaratta); or,
  • (02) 6022 8888 (Wodonga).

Or alternatively you can email your request to:

Group Therapy Programs

The Psychology Clinic offers the following groups based on demand.

  • The Distress Tolerance Skills Group is a seven-week program will help you develop healthy strategies to cope with stress and distress, and to recognise and cope with emotions. Click here for more information.
  • The Interpersonal Group Therapy Program is a powerful way to learn about ourselves and our relationships with others with the aim of improving the way people relate with others and to feel better about themselves. Click here for more information.
  • The Anxiety Group Therapy Program is a program guided by experienced therapists who delve into strategies to manage anxiety effectively. Click here for more information.
  • CBT Therapy group for depression. An 8 week program that offers strategies to understand and manage depressive symptoms.

For enquires and to register your attendance with either program, please call the Gateway Health Psychology Clinic on 0429 006 366 or email

Psychology Clinic Placement Information

The Gateway Health Psychology Clinic offers a nurturing and professionally stimulating vocational placement experience for their placement psychologists. Supervisors are an experienced team of psychologists and clinical psychologists. Placement psychologists are an integral part of the Gateway team.

To access all information detailing the psychology placements at the psychology clinic at Gateway Health, please refer to their Psychology Clinic Placement Information Kit which can be downloaded here.

You can apply online at Gateway Health Careers here Student Psychology Clinic

The Gateway Health Psychology Clinic is delivered through a partnership between Departments of Rural Health at the University of Melbourne, Monash, La Trobe and Deakin Universities, together with Gateway Health and Budja Budja Aboriginal Cooperative. It is supported by the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care’s funding through the Rural Health Multidisciplinary Training program. The clinic also receives funding from the Murray PHN in delivery of the PTS 0-13 service for children.

For general enquiries about the psychology clinic please email

Last Update: June 5th, 2024