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Children, like adults, experience difficulties from time to time that may affect their emotional health and wellbeing. And just like adults, children sometimes need someone to talk to.

We recognise that access to a counselling service for children and their families is essential, as good mental health through childhood and adolescence often underpins mental health and wellbeing throughout later life.

We give priority to the voices and needs of children, as well as recognising the importance of families, and the need for them to also be supported throughout the process.

The Children’s Psychological Therapy Services counselling may help children:

  • make sense of their feelings and experiences
  • develop strategies to manage their feelings and experiences
  • better manage a range of behavioural and emotional difficulties.

It may also help parents recognise and respond to their child’s mental and emotional needs.


This is a short-term (six sessions) free counselling service in North East Victoria and Border regions for children under 13 years of age who are experiencing emotional or behavioural challenges, who have or are at risk of a diagnosed mental health issue.

You need to make an appointment with your child’s GP, paediatrician or psychiatrist and referrals will be directed to Gateway Health Intake.

Please note, further screening for eligibility will occur as referrals are received into the service to ensure they are appropriate for the program and to ensure the best outcomes.

With the referral, you may access up to 12 free sessions in a calendar year.

Last Update: August 22nd, 2022