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Wodonga 2050 vision: The information collated here will inform the Council Plan for decades to come. Please let Wodonga Council know the kind of community you want to live in.  This link also includes a kitchen table conversation toolkit you can download here.

Make Wodonga Yours: Wodonga Council uses this platform to advertise all its projects out for consultation. You can sign up to get an email every time a new project comes up.

Kitchen table conversations: Kitchen Table Conversations is a model of civic engagement that revolves around one simple idea: That engaging people in the kind of open and honest dialogue that people have had around kitchen tables for centuries has the power to create real change.

Engage Wodonga Facebook group: A Facebook page originally set up by a group of Wodonga locals to allow community to get to know 2020 council election candidates. Now used to engage community about things happening in Wodonga. Junction Place Community Reference Group updates are posted here regularly.

The Indi Way: The behind-the-scenes account of how residents in the Indi electorate inspired a movement and the formation of the grassroots group Voices for Indi.

Pork Barreling. Dr Helen Haines spoke about her work to end pork barreling. Here’s a great article that delves into the concept and its implications.

Judy Ryan’s book, You Talk, We Die. Available on both Booktopia and Amazon, and in book stores (also available at our local libraries).

Judy mentioned a great short clip about what Medically Safe Injecting Rooms (MSIR) are really like. Here’s a 4 minute clip from the Richmond MSIR, and here is a 14-minute clip from the Kings Cross Medically Safe Injecting Centre.

Contacting Your Local Elected Representatives. Individual emails to Councillors plays a huge role in advocacy and what issues Councillors feel are important.

The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone, a short Netflix documentary that follows Australian Transgender teen Georgie Stone who changes laws, affirms her gender, finds her voice and emerges into adulthood. Dr Rachel Richardson was on the Advisory Team for this documentary! I watched this last week, absolutely essential viewing! The website also has great resources to use along side the documentary.

First Day, if you don’t have Netflix, check out this series on ABC I View. First Day stars Evie McDonald a young Melbourne Trans actress. Rachel knows Evie and her mum. Evie’s own personal story informed the script of this award winning series that follows a young Trans girl through late primary and early high school. Her vulnerability and longing to just be herself and be accepted are just beautifully, vividly, and, at times, heartbreakingly portrayed. Highly recommend for ALL ages!

About a Girl – Rebekah Robertson (Georgie Stone’s mum). Rachel recommends this as one of the best book written so far on the rearing of a Trans child in Australia. It is unique in that it also documents the landmark changes to the law around access to medical treatments for Trans minors.

Honeybee, Craig Silvey. Award winning novelist and scriptwriter/playwright, Craig Silvey. Rachel has written the Afterword in the new edition of Honeybee. It also contains a list of organisations offering support to families raising a Trans child. The story is a fiction, but what touched Rachel the most, was the way Craig, a cisgender man, was able to capture the vulnerability, the doubts, fears, denials and also the recognition and joy of being trans.

Safe Schools. A great resource for schools looking to ensure their setting is safe for everyone. Also handy myth busting section on this website.

Transcend Australia, a registered, community-led organisation providing peer support services, community support, education, resources and youth leadership opportunities for trans, gender diverse and non-binary young people, their parents, and carers.

Zoe Belle Gender Collective , training and resources specific to trans/gender diverse folks, including some new respectful relationships materials.

Published: May 10th, 2024