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  • After a bushfire, sometimes people are unsure of what to do next. There are so many competing priorities and so much information at times that it can be difficult to see your way forward.

    A government program has been set up to help guide people through the process of getting the support they need, and managing progress along the way. It’s called the Bushfire Case Support Program.

    Gateway Health is providing this program in the north-east of Victoria for people who have been affected by recent fires.

  • People have been asking whether there’s reason to be concerned about the outbreak of a particular strain of coronavirus identified in China, and causing concern to health authorities around the world.

    The answer is that at the time of writing (Thursday 30 January) there is no more reason to be concerned in north-eastern Victoria than in any other location.

    Your best source of reliable and regularly updated information about the current outbreak is the website of the Department of Health and Human Services:

  • It is normal for a traumatic event to affect you emotionally and physically. The best source of support is your usual networks - family, friends and community.

    However if you need further help the Bushfire Counselling Line can provide advice, counselling through a range of options, and referral as appropriate.

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We recognise and value people's diversity, equality and human rights.

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