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Lawyers work on site at Wodonga, Wangaratta & Myrtleford and also at the Wangaratta Therapeutic Community.

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What is the HALO program?

The HALO HJP has been in existence since 2015, with initial expansion to Wangaratta in 2016 and further expansion to the Disaster Recovery space in 2020 with onsite presence in Myrtleford commencing in 2022. Recent funding has led to an increase in resourcing of the HALO program with two new lawyers starting at the beginning of 2023 with a focus on assisting clients with poor mental health.

HALO aims to bring together the skills and resources of health practitioners and lawyers to create a collaborative approach to intersecting health and legal problems faced by vulnerable members of our community. Our partnership has a client-centred, holistic, outcomes focus, which also seeks to build capacity within the workforce to, in turn, build sustainable change to both health and legal sectors, aiming for true transdisciplinary care.


For more information contact Gateway Health on 1800 657 573 or email

Published: August 7th, 2023