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Healthy workplaces = healthy businesses!

The health of a worker is affected by what they bring to the workplace (their own health beliefs, value, lifestyles and genetics) and also by how the workplace affects their health and wellbeing while they are at work.

A healthy workplace can lead to benefits for employees and employers – employees feel valued and engagement and productivity is increased, creating a better return on investment.

What your business can do

Gateway Health recommends joining 1000+ workplaces registered with the Victorian Healthy Workplace Achievement Program, making great improvements to workers’ health and wellbeing as well as their business bottom line.

The program has five health priority areas:

  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Physical activity
  • Healthy eating
  • Alcohol and other drugs
  • Smoking

Each priority has a set of targets to achieve which guide your workplace’s healthy changes. By achieving these health area targets, you’ll improve your workplace’s physical environment, policies and practices, and culture. And your workplace will receive Victorian Government recognition as a healthy workplace.

Achievement Program

“The Achievement Program’s new Climate and Health pathway will help members strengthen the environmental sustainability activities already in place and take new actions that will also support health and wellbeing.” For more information visit the Achievement Program website.

Register with the Healthy Workplace Achievement Program today

When you register, you will get access to an online portal with free quality practical tools and templates, a return on investment calculator, and employee consultation strategies and surveys.

You are also connected to health promotion experts such as the Health Promotion team at Gateway Health, to guide you through the program and keep you on track to establishing a healthy workplace.

How Gateway Health can assist your business

Gateway Health supports workplaces to register and implement the Achievement Program and provides:

  • networking and professional development opportunities
  • ongoing support
  • links to local health professionals, organisations, programs and funding opportunities.

Contact us

If you are interested or have any queries in regards to registering with the Achievement Program please contact the Health Promotion team at Gateway Health on 02 6022 8888 or by emailing


Last Update: August 2nd, 2023