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Food in Mind is a partnership between headspace Wangaratta and Gateway Health.

Young people who take part in this program will undertake an assessment with a mental health clinician (or social worker) and dietitian where they will discuss the best pathway of care. This may be attending a group program, undertaking guided self-help, or receiving one-on-one support.

All young people accessing the program will be supported by a care team made up of medical, mental health and nutrition professionals.

Staff working in this program are credentialed eating disorder clinicians.

If the Food in Mind program does not meet their needs, we will support the young person to access the right services.

Body Project Australia Group Program

Body Project Australia designed this evidence-based 5-week structured group program. It is for 6 to 8 participants and is delivered by trained facilitators.

Parents, carers and support people are invited to attend an information session before the group program starts.

Guided self-help

The young person will have fortnightly appointments with a Food in Mind worker. Each session will be focused on what the young person has learned and how it relates to their unique situation. They will be provided with materials to work through between sessions.

Individual support sessions

The young person will attend one-to-one therapeutic sessions with a mental health clinician and dietitian. The frequency and duration of these sessions will be determined by the young person’s needs.

Family, carers and support people will be included in these sessions as needed.


A young person is eligible for the Food in Mind Program if they:

  • have mild to moderate symptoms of an eating disorder
  • are not currently receiving support from a mental health clinician or dietitian
  • are willing to regularly engage with their GP
  • can commit to attending all appointments and having a support network in place and involved in their care.


Access to the Food in Mind Program is via self-referral or a referral from a health professional or the young person’s parent/carer.

You do not need to have an eating disorder diagnosis or a Mental Health Care Plan to access the program.

To make a referral please go to the headspace Wangaratta website.

headspace Wangaratta satellite site
44 Rowan Street Wangaratta
Phone 1300 332 022


Last Update: December 29th, 2022