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You are legally obliged to notify VicRoads if you have a medical condition that may impair your ability to drive safely.

Under Victorian law, you can be required to take an Occupational Therapy Driver Assessment to show that you can drive safely, legally and independently.

An assessment may be necessary because:

  • you have a physical injury, illness, disability, or psychiatric disorder which may affect your ability to drive safely
  • your physical or mental skills may have slowed since you obtained your licence
  • you have a medical condition and would like to know if you are able to obtain a driver’s licence or return to driving.

You, VicRoads, your family or your doctor can request that you be assessed.


The cost of the assessment is:

  • $575 for the occupational therapist (this includes both the off-road and on-road appointments)
  • $150 for the driving instructor and dual-control driving school vehicle


Contact Allied Health Intake on 03 5723 2097 or email for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Last Update: December 18th, 2023