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Children’s Psychological Therapy Services

This service provides counselling for children up to 13 years of age who are experiencing emotional or behavioural challenges, who have or are at risk of a diagnosed mental health issue.

Recovery and Support Program (RASP)

RASP is a post-withdrawal, non-residential, harm reduction group program. It is an evidence-based intervention, primarily focusing on changing addictive behaviours.

Listening to Voices

Listening to Voices is powerfully crafted theatre that challenges stigma around mental illness and increases general understanding about experiences such as hearing voices.

Family Violence Recovery Counselling

Gateway Health provides recovery counselling for women who have experienced family violence, to support their long-term therapeutic journey and help them form healthy relationships.

Family and Relationships Counselling

Family and Relationships Counselling aims to support people as they reflect on what is important to them and work towards healthy and positive relationships in their life.

Gambler’s Help

Gambler’s Help is a service provided by a network of community organisations across Victoria, including Gateway Health, to help and support people affected by problem gambling.

Care and Recovery Coordination

Care and Recovery Coordination provides support for people with drug and alcohol dependence, and other issues they are experiencing which are impacting their life.

Non-Residential Drug Withdrawal Program

The drug withdrawal program helps people who want to cut back or stop their alcohol or drug use, supporting them through recovery and with links to other services.