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Our team works with men to gain insight into the beliefs, choices and actions they take that hurt their partners, ex-partners, children or other family members.

Men who participate in this service will be supported, encouraged and challenged to take responsibility for changing their behaviour so that their families can live safely.

We provide education and a chance to discuss and raise awareness about the impacts of violence, power and controlling behaviours on individuals, families and parenting.

Our goal is to create awareness about gender stereotypes, inequality, entitlement, privilege and gender-based violence, and to generate accountability and responsibility for behaviours.

This service may suit you if:

  • relevant authorities (Police, courts, Child Protection, etc.) require you to comply with protection orders by participating in this service
  • you are ready to acknowledge the impact of your violent, controlling, or coercive behaviour towards your partner, ex-partner, children, or other family members
  • you consent to us contacting family members who have been impacted by your past or current violent behaviour so we can also offer them support for their safety
  • you need help to access secure housing, financial aid, mental health, treatment for alcohol and other drugs and gambling addiction, as well as other services
  • you seek assistance and referrals for concerns with parenting or child development.


This service is free to residents from Wodonga, Wangaratta and surrounds.

No referral is required to access the service.

Contact us for further details.

For more information and advice about family violence contact the Men’s Referral Service – Phone 1300 766 491.

Frequently asked questions

Last Update: March 14th, 2023