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This service may suit you if:

  • relevant authorities (police, courts, child protection, etc.) require you to comply with protection orders by participating in this service
  • you are ready to acknowledge the impact of your violent, controlling, or coercive behaviour towards your partner, ex-partner, children, or other family members
  • you consent to us contacting family members who have been impacted by your past or current violent behaviour, so we could also offer them support for their safety
  • you will regularly attend 20 intensive group-based sessions to tackle the underlying causes of your violent, controlling, or coercive behaviour, and what you can do to change it
  • you are willing to pay a nominal participation fee for the sessions.

The program runs two-hour weekly sessions for 20 weeks, working through the following themes:

  • Family violence and accountability (4 weeks)
  • Power and control (6 weeks)
  • Violence and children (3 weeks)
  • Gender roles and gender stereotypes (3 weeks)
  • Effects of violence/values/summary of learning (4 weeks)

No referral is required to access the services.

Contact us for further details.

Published: August 2nd, 2022