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Our Endorsed Midwife provides the following services:

  • Bulk billed (Medicare-funded) pregnancy care across the entire pregnancy journey
    • Preconception (family planning)
    • Pregnancy care (antenatal and postnatal)
    • Women’s health care (before, during and after pregnancy)
  • Pregnancy-related pathology and ultrasound referrals
  • Prescriptions for pregnancy and women’s health-related medications
  • Referrals to other pregnancy and women’s health specialists if required
  • Collaboration with other members of the pregnancy care team within Gateway Health and externally, including the place of birth


Our Endorsed Midwife offers a bulk-billed service that is available to all women.

You can access the Endorsed Midwife Care Program at Gateway Health in Wodonga – Days and times may vary.

For an appointment contact reception on 1800 657 573.

Referral process:

Further information and helpful resources

Last Update: August 7th, 2023