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Mental Health and Wellbeing Connect Centres

Mental Health and Wellbeing Connect Centres provide a warm and welcoming space available to families, carers and supporters of all ages and background, with no need for a referral.

Carer Support Program

The Carer Support Program provides a range of services to support carers to manage their caring role and improve their wellbeing.

Recovery and Support Program (RASP)

RASP is a post-withdrawal, non-residential, harm reduction group program. It is an evidence-based intervention, primarily focusing on changing addictive behaviours.

Alphabet Crew

This is a social group for LGBTIQA+ young people, friends and allies - we celebrate every letter!

Family Violence Recovery Counselling

Gateway Health provides recovery counselling for women who have experienced family violence, to support their long-term therapeutic journey and help them form healthy relationships.

Family and Relationships Counselling

Family and Relationships Counselling aims to support people as they reflect on what is important to them and work towards healthy and positive relationships in their life.