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The Carer Support Program provides support to carers who are caring for someone who is aged over 65 years – or over 50 years for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

We also provide support for carers who are caring for someone of any age who has dementia, a disability or a chronic health condition; identifies as LGBTIQA+; or lives with mental illness.

If a person is caring for someone who has a support need that falls outside of the above categories they may still be eligible for assistance based on individual assessment.

The Carer Support Program can support you by providing:

  • respite to help reduce stress and restore energy
  • assistance with daily living activities such as personal care, housework, meal preparation and shopping
  • help with home maintenance
  • appropriate aids and equipment
  • support groups, social activities and events
  • information and referral to health, aged, disability and other community services
  • a friendly person to talk through issues with and help you develop strategies to manage your caring role.


The person receiving care must reside in the rural cities of Wodonga, Wangaratta, or Benalla or the local government areas of Alpine, Indigo, Towong and Mansfield.

The carer does not have to reside with the person they are caring for and may live outside of the service area.

Individuals do not need to be registered with My Aged Care to receive assistance through the Carer Support Program.

Carers of persons with a disability in receipt of an NDIS package are eligible to be considered for support through the Carer Support Program.

Contact the Carer Support Program by phoning 1800 657 573 or emailing

Last Update: August 7th, 2023