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This program is for people who have little social contact, are lonely, have a disability, are frail, are aged or are housebound.

The aim of the program is to match a community member with a volunteer called a ‘visitor’ to develop a friendship. The volunteer visits the client in their home or in a community setting such as a café. Together they share in a variety of activities, for example, a cuppa and chat, crafts, card games or walk in the garden.

Three women sitting in a cafe drinking coffee
Jude Hawkins, Volunteer Coordinator with volunteers Maz White and Catherine Morgan

Volunteers play a vital role in improving the self-esteem and wellbeing of the residents they visit.


The program is for people aged over 65, or people under 65 with a disability or chronic condition.

It is a volunteer-based program, there is no cost to join.

The program is a funded Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP).

We operate from the Alpine Community Health Centre – 32-36 Cobden Street, Bright.

Frequently asked questions

Last Update: August 22nd, 2022