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Jackquelen Felizmonte – Program Officer

Gateway Health as a whole; it warms my heart.

Jonathon Condron – NDIS Support Coordinator

I was a bit nervous when I first came along because I’d had a year off work, but the team are really supportive and embracing.

Being in a place with a Rainbow Tick, and that’s inclusive, is really important.

Imre Ujjobbagy – Senior ICT Systems Administrator

The big thing is culture, it really is. It’s relaxed, there’s no politics, it’s just a great team to work for with flexible working arrangement which really helps.

Alana Pund – General Manager, Mental Health and Wellbeing

The fact that I started here as a casual group facilitator and then did a number of clinician roles, and then I have been a team leader, a program manager. I’ve had the opportunity to act in many different roles, so I’ve managed a number of different program areas, I’ve worked in mental health, in youth, working with Children with Families – so I’ve had lots of opportunities.

And I love the people. I think that’s really key – there’s great people here.

Victoria Mugwagwa – Management Accountant

I have been offered professional development and given time to do that, so I really appreciate that aspect.

Published: June 29th, 2022