Student Placement at Gateway Health

Gateway Health (GH) is committed to participating in the training and education of future health care professionals. As part of this commitment, students from a range of disciplines and education providers are able to undertake their practicum with us. GH recognises that student placements encourage inter-professional understanding and collaboration.


GH operates from a social model of health and quality placements provide students with the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the principles and practices of community health and the benefits of working within a social model of health framework.

General Information

Enquiries and requests regarding student placements at GH need to be made by the Education Provider in the first instance. This can be done by either via the online portal VICPLACE or by emailing the GH Student Placement Coordinator on   

Education Providers need to be aware that it is Gateway Health policy to charge student placement fees. Students cannot pay these fees themselves, as we cannot enter into a legal placement agreement directly with the student. Placement fees vary depending on the discipline involved. Please also note that an offer of placement will depend on GH capacity and the student successfully completing an interview with the relevant team leader.

Please note that Gateway Health is not able to accommodate work experience requests.

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Information for Students

Preparation for Placement

Congratulations on receiving an offer to undertake your placement with Gateway Health. Information about your placement with GH can be found in the Student Placement Handbook (PDF). For further information, students can access the GH Student Placement Policy (PDF).

Students will undertake the GH Student Induction and Orientation session, generally on the first day of placement. This Induction will provide you with information about GH. It will also include a session on OH&S / facility familiarisation and an IT induction session.

You will be asked to read and sign a number of documents;
1.    GH Student Placement Registration Form
2.    GH Student Placement Agreement
3.    GH Privacy and Confidentially Agreement
4.    GH Student Placement Insurance Statement

You will need to bring with you:
1.    Current Police Check Certificate (maximum 12 months old)
2.    Current Victorian Working with Children Check
3.    Nursing students only: . Complete and print Hand Hygiene Australia Certificate.
4.    Driver’s Licence
5.    Immunisation status record
6.    Documentation from your Education Provider (learning outcomes,time sheet)

We look forward to welcoming you to Gateway Health and hope that you find your placement with us to be an invaluable learning experience.