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Term 4 parenting education programs

During the school terms, Gateway Health provides group-based parent education programs and information sessions for parents and carers of children…

Positive Parenting Telephone Service

The Positive Parenting Telephone Service helps families experiencing difficulties in parenting. It's tailored to individual needs and each person can guide their own progress.

Healthy Mothers – Healthy Babies

The Healthy Mothers - Healthy Babies program provides outreach support to pregnant women under the age of 25 years who have complex health, welfare, and social needs.

Parent and Relationship Education

This program provides both individual parenting support and group-based parent education programs and information sessions to parents and carers of children aged from 0 to 18 years.

Connecting Young Parents

This program provides parents (or soon-to-be parents) 25 years of age or under an opportunity to meet and connect with other parents in a friendly, supportive and casual environment.

Family Connections

The Family Connections program provides universal family support for families in the Albury area caring for children up to 8 years old and expectant parents.