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We help schools directly support students to remain engaged with their education. We also help identify ways for schools to build their capacity to better help students who are disengaging or at risk of disengaging.

Issues commonly raised include:

  • Attendance concerns
  • Behavioural concerns
  • Personal issues including mental health concerns, social difficulties, emotional regulation difficulties, the impact of trauma
  • Family issues including family violence, homelessness, substance use
  • Negative educational experiences
  • Specific groups of students who may be more at risk of disengagement

We work with schools and networks, creating links to services and other kinds of support, sharing resources, and partnering with others to support young people across our region.


This service is free and available across Victoria for government, Catholic, and independent schools.

Please note: If School Focused Youth Service funds are used, your school may be required to contribute funds/in-kind support. This will be explained when you meet with the School Focused Youth Service Coordinator.

Local government areas covered by Gateway Health include Indigo, Towong, Wodonga, and the Kiewa Valley of Alpine.

If you are from another area, find out who your provider is on the government School Focused Youth Service web page.

For further information and to see if your school is eligible for this service:

Last Update: August 7th, 2023