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We work with individuals, families and communities to help with the following:

  • Applications for financial grants
  • Referral to other organisations for financial assistance
  • Access to mental health support
  • Access to financial counsellors
  • Access to family violence support programs
  • Access to gambling support services
  • Help in reaching doctors, dentists, and others
  • Helping in getting aid to support livestock
  • Help in sourcing items for rebuilding
  • Coordination of donations of new items like generators, white goods, etc.
  • Speaking up for bushfire affected communities with local and state government authorities

Our team helps people to navigate the various levels of government and the different kinds of support available to achieve a better-managed and coordinated response.


To access the program you need to live in one of the bushfire-affected communities of North East Victoria.

To connect with our Bushfire Recovery team call 0487 374 686 or 0418 761 350.

Frequently asked questions

Last Update: November 21st, 2022