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“It is really impossible to be out and about in the community. If we do not have a car, the transport is not reliable like in Melbourne and Sydney…we do not know what time the next bus is coming. Transport is a big one.”

“When we get here as refugees, we we have driving license, we need public transport. Like it’s a huge problem. It’s like if you have to go to Centrelink, you don’t have someone to drop you.”

“If you want to come to Gateway Health you need to walk…[what] if you are unwell, and if you’re old or if the weather is not good. I think there should be like buses going around Wodonga.”

“You can’t get anywhere unless you have a car…And when you arrive, you often don’t have your license OK. So of course if you don’t get a lift then you have to walk.”

“So my husband used to take the car for his work in the morning. Then I had to take my son to play playgroup. It’s a 2 hour playgroup…it’s a one hour wait, yeah between each of the bus. So I try to walk sometimes…So for two hours playgroup I had to travel two hours…the car, it’s just 5 minutes.”


Published: June 6th, 2024