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That’s my kitchen.

 Participant one

“long story long story…come from somewhere very difficult and typical situation…actually we are happy, my son family and we put money all together and buy a house, it’s not only for me and my husband is for everybody grandchildren, my son. my sons wife.  And we have one house and we all love our house and our friend or relative when they come they say, oh your house is nice.”

“…everybody put the action in the planning and decision making…if not working helping at home, all the families working and everybody contributing for the house so it’s working really well.”

“ Everybody’s saying okay, so we all contribute to pay for the house.”

Participant two

“You struggle at first but…if you don’t give up, work hard and be positive. Yeah, we succeed.”

“I think you have to sacrifice and work hard. Yeah, ignore about holidays, spending money going on big holidays. But work on it, when you’re done then you live a luxurious life. And then that’s when you can go [on] holiday.”

“So we built it and then our people saw that Oh, how did you do that? And then it’s like, yeah, we motivated a lot of people…we told them if you work hard, of course, there is money sitting in the bank. If you have good payslips, and then good, rental payment without issues so they can give you money, and then some people now have started building houses or buying their homes. Yeah.



Published: June 6th, 2024