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David Koschitzke

David Koschitzke


David is a resident of Albury and is a Director of Harris Lieberman Solicitors Pty. Ltd.

Board member Felicity Williams in front of white background

Felicity Williams

Deputy Chairperson

Felicity is a resident of Corowa and is the CEO of The Centre for Continuing Education, which is an adult community education provider working throughout the Hume Region.

Board member Mick Ferris in front of red background

Michael Ferris


Michael is a resident of Wallan. He is an Accountant, GAICD and Principal of his accounting practice.

Catherine Upcher

Catherine Upcher

Catherine is a resident of Kancoona and prior to her recent retirement was the CEO of Rural Housing Network Limited.

Board member Ruth Davidson in front of yellow wall

Ruth Davenport

Ruth Davenport is a resident of Markwood, Vic and prior to her retirement was a General Manager for Mind Australia.

Board member Megan Pearce outside

Megan Pearce

Megan is a resident of Wodonga and a social worker. She currently works at Junction Support Services as the Specialist Adolescent Services Team Leader.

Board member Klaus Baumgartel in front of red background

Klaus Baumgartel

Klaus is a resident of Beechworth and is recently retired from the position of Regional Coordinator of the NSW Industry Capability. He is on the Board of the Murray Hume Business Enterprise Centre and also has a part-time role as a business advisor for them.

Dr Guin Threlkeld

Dr Guin Threlkeld

Guin is a resident of Ettamogah and the Head of Campus at La Trobe University Albury-Wodonga.

Board member Geoff Lowe in front of white background

Geoff Lowe

Geoff is a resident of Albury and CEO of Proven Products, a specialist manufacturing company. Geoff is also a director of MTA NSW, MTAA Super, RDA Murray and a business advisor with the BEC.

If you are interested in contacting any of our board members, please make enquiries through Gateway Health reception.

Last Update: February 9th, 2022