Positive Parenting Telephone Service

The Positive Parenting Telephone Service (PPTS) is a parent education program that you can do from your own home. It is for families with children between the ages of 2 and 10 years, who are experiencing difficulties in parenting, have children with behavioural problems or simply as a preventative measure.

This is a unique program which delivers the service via the telephone. Participants are required to complete a 6-10 week series of tasks based on readings from a workbook or via online modules. Over this period parents are supported on a one to one basis via weekly telephone consultations with a trained Parent Educator. Consultations are based on an appointment system with both day and evening appointments available.

This is a free service for parents, grandparents caring for their grandchildren and carer of children aged 2-10 who live in Victoria. Our freecall number is 1800 880 660.

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