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Who: Men who would like to improve their cooking skills and knowledge, particularly for those who may not have cooked much in the past, but due to a change in circumstances or caring role, are now needing to cook on a regular basis.
When: Check the calendar for upcoming groups.
Where: We offer both a virtual and face-to-face program. Contact us to discuss the options available to you.
Cost: Contact us to determine your eligibility for our government subsidised pricing schedule.

An initial assessment is completed to help us understand what you want to achieve from the program, with a further review of your progress mid-way through the program and again at completion.

As well as providing you with nutritious and tasty recipes that are simple to prepare, we aim to provide an enjoyable social experience with others in similar situations (even when delivered virtually!).

Nutrition information, cooking tips and tricks, and other practical information will be shared along the way.

Our virtual program is run via Zoom meetings. We can support you with the use of technology if needed, via the Be Connected program.

Contact us

For more information and any enquiries call 03 5723 2097 or email

Young & Old Learning Kitchen Skills (YOLKS): An intergenerational cooking program

Eating for Independence - Gateway Gourmet Men's Cooking Program

Last Update: August 16th, 2023