Following the successful launch of the Gateway Health Psychology Clinic last year, the service is set to welcome five new provisional psychologists for its mid-year intake. 

General Manager Mental Health and Wellbeing at Gateway Health Alana Pund said this latest intake meant the clinic had appointments available for community members across all age groups who needed a psychologist. 

“The clinic has allowed Gateway Health to attract more provisional psychologists to the region which means being able to offer more affordable, much-needed mental health services to the community,” Senior Psychologist Kim Haebich said. 

The clinic is serviced by qualified provisional psychologists from Australian universities supervised by licensed and experienced psychologists. 

Its service delivery is via face-to-face and telehealth with some services attracting a fee.  The clinic offers both individual and group psychotherapy.   

“Group therapy offers clients the opportunity to share experiences and gain support from peers, fostering a sense of community and reducing feelings of isolation,” Senior Psychologist Andrea Pavarino said.  

Gateway Health offers a range of professional and confidential counselling and mental health services provided in safe, supportive and non-threatening environments. 

This includes Children’s Psychological Therapy Services which provides counselling for children up to 13 years of age who are experiencing emotional or behavioural challenges, who have or are at risk of a diagnosed mental health issue. 

“We recognise that access to a counselling service for children and their families is essential, as good mental health through childhood and adolescence often underpins mental health and wellbeing throughout later life,” Senior Psychologist Connie Cudini said. 

Children’s Psychological Therapy Services counselling can help children:

  • Make sense of their feelings and experiences;
  • Develop strategies to manage their feelings and experiences; and, 
  • Better manage a range of behavioural and emotional difficulties. 

It offers six to 12 free counselling sessions in North East Victoria and Border locations. 

The Gateway Health Psychology Clinic is a partnership with the University of Melbourne and the University Departments of Rural Health of Monash University and La Trobe University, supporting the health and well-being of rural and remote communities while providing mental health training opportunities in a regional area for psychology students. 

For more information, freecall 1800 657 573 or click here to visit the clinic page on our website.