Telehealth can be an easy way to have a meeting with your health worker (clinician) over the phone or via video chat. This can be done using a landline, mobile phone, smart phone, tablet or computer. The systems we use ensure your privacy is maintained as if you were here in a clinic room with your health worker.

Why is Gateway Health using Telehealth?

At the moment it is difficult for us to be able to see everyone in their homes or at the clinic because of the current COVID- 19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. Telehealth is a way that we can make sure clients are able to access health care when face-to- face meetings are not possible.

How does Telehealth work?

Your health worker will talk to you about your telehealth options. These will depend on what you have available to use at home.

If you want to know more, go download our Telehealth Frequently Asked Questions. For an outline of what is required to be able to access Gateway Health’s telehealth facility, download our How to Use Telehealth guide for a quick easy to read overview.