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To further support healthy eating, we work with stakeholders, partners and the community more broadly to support our local and regional food systems.

We work on a range of initiatives that support healthy eating, with local councils, community and recreation groups, schools, local food outlets, food businesses, environment and sustainability agencies, neighbourhood houses, emergency food relief services, and our community.

We encourage you to get involved and become an advocate for healthy eating where you live, work, learn and play.

For more information please contact the Health Promotion team – email

Healthy eating information and resources

Click on the links below to access information for a variety of ages and needs, including food guides, portion sizes, meal plans/tips, healthy recipes, cooking videos, and food labelling information.

State and national support services, resources and information have been developed to help early childhood services, schools, workplaces, community/recreation/sports groups, local food outlets, and other organisations.

Community food access guides

These guides provide information about local emergency food relief programs, meals on wheels, local food outlets that offer delivery services, online farmers markets, and also handy ideas and tips for healthy eating, home growing and food safety.

Community food projects and initiatives

Our Health Promotion team works with local schools, outside school hours care, workplaces, sports clubs, and other community organisations to support healthy eating.

  • Healthy School Canteens – Developing canteen menus that meet the Victorian Healthy Canteen guidelines.
  • Vic Kids Eat Well – Supporting outside school hours care, sports clubs, and a wide range of community organisations to offer healthier food and drink options.
  • Healthy Workplaces – Supporting and promoting healthy eating for employees with policy changes and actions.
  • Healthy Early Childhood Services – Helping services create a healthier environment for their students, staff and families.

There are also many places to grow and share fresh local food – edible school gardens, community gardens, neighbourhood houses, food swaps/share programs, and community co-operatives.

If you are interested in any of these initiatives please get in touch – email

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Last Update: August 2nd, 2023