We aim to identify opportunities in our community and create supportive environments for communities to increase healthy eating behaviours. It is well known that eating a wide variety of healthy foods every day, and living in a community that enables access to nutritious foods is directly related to better health outcomes.

We are working on a number of initiatives that support healthy eating. We encourage you to get involved and become a health advocate where you live, work, learn and play.


North East Victoria’s food system contributes to the region’s economy, natural environment, community health and well-being, identity and liveability.

However, there are significant food-related challenges affecting the viability and resilience of agricultural businesses, the health and wellbeing of our communities and the protection of our natural environment.

Food system issues within the region, relate to each of the four broad components of the food system: production, distribution and processing, consumption and waste management.

This Strategy focuses on opportunities to strengthen the local food economy as a key means of addressing many of the food system challenges.

A strong local food system also enhances food literacy and improves consumer access to fresh, healthy food choices.

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Case Study

Access our 2019-2020 Integrated Health Promotion case study on the pdfPangerang Pilot Cooking Program493.33 KB

Local Food Networks

Wodonga - Local Food Network North East and Riverina

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The Local Food Network is a platform to share information, resources, improve partnerships, and work collaboratively on projects to strengthen and sustain thriving local food systems in North East Victoria, NSW Riverina and surrounds. It is open to organisations and individuals.

The network currently meets bi-monthly (4th Thursday of the month) at Gateway Health, 155 High St Wodonga. New members are welcome.

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Wodonga - Hume Murray Community Garden Collective

garden collective

The Collective is a group of like-minded people who meet bi-monthly to come together to discover and learn about community gardens in our region. Come along to share ideas and knowledge and help build community gardens across our region. This group is open to all.

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For meeting times and days, please contact the Health Promotion Team on (02) 6055 8888
Wangaratta - Community Food For All

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Community Food For All (CFFA) is a local food network of people, agencies and groups who are interested in our local food system and improving access to healthy and affordable food in Wangaratta and the surrounding rural communities. The network spans a range of sectors represented on the Steering Committee. Forums are hosted bi-monthly at various venues and provide a platform to share information, resources and opportunities to work collaboratively on projects. Anyone with an interest in healthy food is welcome to attend. 

Contact RCOW direct or (03) 5722 0888

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Where to find CF


Healthy Catering Guides

In thinking about increasing healthy eating in our community, caterers influence what we eat at work, at school, on the sports ground and at our leisure.
Six local caterers have assisted us in the development of the Guide and shown that providing healthier food and drink options can be easy and delicious!

This guide aims to not only help workplaces choose healthier options when catering for staff, but build the capacity of individuals to recognise healthy choices outside of the workplace.

All menu items have been assessed by the Healthy Eating Advisory Service (HEAS) at Nutrition Australia, using the Healthy Choices Guidelines which are based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines. These Guidelines use the ‘traffic light’ rating system and only menu items with a ‘Green’ or ‘Amber’ rating have been included in the Guide.

There are two location based guides available: Wodonga's and Wangaratta.

HTW Healthy Catering Guide 2016 front cover2

Select here to download a copy of Wodonga's Healthy Catering Guide.

Healthy catering guide Wangaratta

Select here to download a copy of the Healthy Catering Guide Wangaratta Area.

To find out how your company can be a part of the next edition of the Guide, or to find out how your workplace can use the Guide please contact the Health Promotion Team on (02) 6055 8888.

Healthy barbeque guide

Supporting you to create a healthy barbeque – from what you cook, to how it is cooked and served all rolled into this handy guide.  This is one for your family, friends and the community, no matter how big or small your barbequing event may be, this is the resource you need.
healthy bbq guide front page
Select here to download a copy of the Healthy barbeque guide.

Food Policy and Strategy

A food policy or strategy is a framework to guide understanding and action around how food is produced, distributed, consumed and disposed. These fundamental components of a food system can significantly impact on health outcomes, the local economy, the environment and agriculture.

Food policy and strategy aims to:
• Provide a framework for local government that guides action to support and strengthen local food systems
• Foster a thriving, equitable, healthy and sustainable food system
• Support the adoption of sustainable farming practices and food production enterprises
• Improve the availability and accessibility of nutritious and culturally appropriate food for everyone
• Celebrate the diversity of local food production and the economic opportunities of further developing the sector

The North East Victoria Food Policy Working Group developed a discussion paper to advance the conversation about what local government can do to ensure people have access to healthy, sustainable and culturally appropriate food, now and always. This paper discusses how the development of local government food policy and strategy can strengthen our local communities.

Click here to download the North East Victoria Local Government FOOD POLICY AND STRATEGY DISCUSSION PAPER 2016.

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Grow your idea was a small grants scheme for projects under $3,000 being offered in the Rural City of Wangaratta by Gateway Health. This funding came from the Australian Government Department of Social Services. It was created to address the findings of a 2015 Research Project - Local People, Local Food Solutions (LPLFS), which set out to improve healthy eating for low income families with children who live in the Rural City of Wangaratta.
Three rounds were offered to distribute at least $15,000 each round.
A key feature of this grant was to help people who don’t traditionally access grants to get involved. We accessed the support of more experienced community members to help coach people to be project leaders as they developed and implemented their ideas.

If you would like to talk to us further about this innovative project please contact us: 

Grow your idea: 5723 2000   Mob: 0400 533874 (9am to 5pm, Mon - Fri)





Tips for healthy eating

Wangaratta Food Security Report 2014

Wodonga Food Security Report

Grow your idea:

Local People, Local Food Solutions research report

Local People, Local Food Solutions research project findings brochure

Executive Summary


Maps of "Essential Food Outlets" in the Wangaratta CBDRural City of WangarattaCity of Wodonga

North East Victoria Food Policy Discussion Guide 2016