Counselling and Support

Generalist Counselling

A professional and confidential counselling service provided in a safe, supportive and non-threatening environment to individuals (aged 18+), couples and families. This service is provided from both our Wangaratta and Wodonga sites.

  • Couple and/or Family Relationships
  • Life Changes/Transitions
  • Grief, Loss and Change
  • Self Esteem and Personal Development
  • Anger and Violence
  • Depression, Anxiety and Stress
  • Rural Recovery Issues

Generalist counselling is available regularly in Beechworth and Mt Beauty and further services are negotiable in Indigo, Towong and the Alpine Shires.

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Family Violence

Counselling and Support for women affected by family violence. Specialist Children’s Counselling can also be arranged where appropriate.
• Outreach services can be provided in Corryong, Tallangatta, Tangambalanga, Kiewa and Mount Beauty
• WINGS Program-  Women who have experienced family violence.
This program runs over 8 weeks and is designed for women to work through the challenges of moving towards a life free from family violence.

Gateway Health supports anti-violence campaign

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Men's Behaviour Change Program

The Men’s Behavioural Change Program- Aims to promote the safety of women and children by holding men accountable for their use of violence towards family members and by changing their attitudes and behaviours.
• Group Programs are currently being provided to Wodonga, Wangaratta and Benalla
• Individual Counselling and partner contact support

Gamblers Help

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Drug & Alcohol Counselling

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Counselling for young people aged 12-21 years - Resolve Program.

The Resolve program is for young people aged 12 to 21 years, who are looking for counselling. 

We work in co-operation with any other supports. Resolve counsellors can see young people on site at Gateway Health (155 High Street Wodonga) or can outreach to schools, the family home, or anywhere else that is appropriate and comfortable. 

Our goals are to support and assist adolescents who are facing challenges in their lives such as relationships, self-esteem, risk taking behaviours, self-harm, behavioural issues, bullying, stress, anxiety, grief and loss.
We have extensive knowledge of other agencies and services that we can provide as referrals for young people to deal with issues that need specialised care, such as drug/alcohol, suicidality, mental health, alternative education programs, legal issues, and homelessness.

Children's Counselling

This is a confidential service. It provides counselling and support for children (of primary school age) and their families in North East Victoria and the Border region.
We recognise that access to a counselling service for children and their families is essential, as good mental health through childhood and adolescence often underpins mental health and wellbeing throughout later life.
The service is child-centred, and counselling is based on a developmental framework, acknowledging the specific needs and abilities of children at different stages. We give priority to the voices and needs of children, as well as recognising the importance of families, throughout the process.

Relationship Counselling

Our Relationship Programs aim to help adults and young people to achieve and sustain valued family relationships through an:

  • increased awareness of, and capacity to access community resources, support groups and networks,
  • Improved understanding of self, in the context of relationship processes,
  • enhancement of relationship skills, and
  • enhanced capacity to apply these understandings and skills to current and future relationships

The Relationship Education Service offers programs to communities on request and per specific needs with the onus on the community to support the organisation, promotion and delivery of the program. The service also works in partnership with other agencies to make possible a broader scope of delivery and increased knowledge and trust between agencies so as to address specific and community needs.

Courses offered include:

  • Preparing for a long term relationship,
  • Relationship enrichment programs,
  • Living in a Step family,
  • Managing anger and conflict,
  • From break up to recover,
  • Men & relationships,
  • Women & relationships,
  • Relating through grief and loss,
  • Partners NOW parents,
  • Surviving illness and addictions,
  • Life stage transitions (eg retirement), and
  • Others of your interest

To ensure high quality programs the Relationship Education Service, funded by the Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services, contracts local, accredited educational facilitators to develop and deliver appropriate programs that meet the needs of individuals, couples and the community.

Respectful Relationships

What is a healthy relationship? What are the signs of an unhealthy relationship? What should you do if there is tension in your relationship? What is the Australian law regarding family violence? 

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