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The BOMAR program assists farming families and agricultural sector businesses to access services that can help improve their productivity and quality of life.

Farming families

If you’re a farmer, you’ve been through a lot in the last couple of decades with drought, fires, floods, COVID, and more.

The BOMAR program can help connect you with:

  • parenting and family support
  • mental health assistance
  • succession planning
  • extreme weather planning
  • fire and flood evacuation planning
  • drought resilience
  • referrals to financial counsellors
  • legal referrals.

Agricultural sector

As an Ag Sector business owner, have you noticed your staff are more stressed at work?

This might be because they are impacted by a disaster or dry conditions, or they’ve been helping your customers who have been impacted.

The BOMAR program can help connect you with:

  • training to your staff to help them understand and overcome the challenges they’re experiencing, helping them to be more productive and resilient during times of stress and change
  • information that you can pass on to your customers, if, when they’re shopping with you, they tell you about their concerns.


To connect with our BOMAR Officer call 0484 288 892 Monday to Thursday.

Last Update: November 21st, 2022