Parenting after Bushfires, and in tough times

It’s been some months now since bushfires devastated huge areas of land and impacted many communities. Individuals and family’s recovery will vary greatly.

Gateway Health is aware that although the media focus has shifted to Covid 19 the impact of the bushfires is continuing for affected communities.

In fact, Covid 19, in a sense, provides a 'double whammy' for affected families and it also might be only now that they are becoming aware of how deeply the fires have affected them.

We are offering a suite of Programs funded by the Primary Health Network and Bushfires Victoria to support children and families from Bushfire effected areas.

We are offering

The Parenting After Bushfires sessions will explore:

  • how children/family members may be affected.
  • what sorts of behaviours children can exhibit.
  • strategies which may be helpful.