What is ‘business as usual’ during fires?

In Wodonga and Wangaratta, Gateway Health is operating normally as far as possible during the current bushfire disaster situation.

Our Myrtleford centre has been temporarily closed, as of Monday 6 January. As decisions are made about operations on subsequent days we’ll give updated information.

The Myrtleford centre is not seen to be facing an imminent fire risk. The major concern is for the safety of staff and clients travelling to and from the centre.

In regard to ‘business as usual’ at Wangaratta and Wodonga, what do we actually mean?
Clearly, life is not ‘usual’ for many people across the region right now and we understand that. As most people will appreciate, there’s an urgent need this week – and perhaps for weeks to come – to give greatest immediate attention to people severely impacted by the bushfires.

This means we might be a little slower than usual providing some of our services that are of a more ‘routine’ nature. We ask you to be patient and understanding if you are one of the people who might be affected by this.

‘Business as usual’ means we’re open at our two major sites, and our dedicated staff are providing the full range of services and programs people expect from us. But we thank you for your understanding of the fact that, for a while, there may be longer waits for appointments and some of our services if your need is not an urgent one.