Reporting back to our community

The 2019-2020 financial year was one in which we all felt the full force of bushfires and then COVID-19, so it was tough all round – but out of it came some valuable lessons and instructive stories worth sharing. Some of these stories are even inspiring.

We’ve sought to bring it all together into a 2019-2020 Report to the Community, a document that can now be downloaded from our website. (Our 2020-2021 Report to the Community will follow in a few months.)

Even though some of us want to put that particular period well behind us, understandably, much of it remain highly relevant today – so it’s well worth a look..

As much as anything else, the publication is a tribute to our wonderful clients, our amazing staff and supporters, and the many partners with whom we worked so hard in that period to find ways to keep providing the best possible service to our communities at such a historically significant time.

While that period was so challenging in different ways, our staff have discovered, tested and refined new ways of working to ensure the needs of our clients are met. We have learnt a great deal about what is possible and what we are capable of as individuals and as an organisation.

The report showcases the breadth of services we provide, and highlights the way we work together with others to achieve better results than we could on our own.

Importantly, the report is also a way of us saying that, one way or another, we remain open for business at all times no matter what – and will keep doing so in future.

If you would like to read our report to the community, download it here.