Lockdown number 6 in Victoria

As Victoria moves into another 7-day lockdown from midnight Thursday night 5 August, Gateway Health’s GP clinics in Wangaratta and Wodonga are continuing to operate as normal, with all Covid-safe measures remaining in place.

You are asked to wear a mask onto the premises, to hand-sanitise upon entry to the building, and to register by QR code or manually upon arrival. If you have any flu-like symptom at all, please DO NOT enter the building but call us instead.

Telehealth consultations (appointment by phone or video) continue to be available in some cases.

COVID-19 vaccinations (AstraZeneca) continue to be available by appointment.

Other Gateway Health services continue to operate as necessary, though may be subject to some changes. You will be contacted if there is any change that will affect an appointment you have already booked.

Please note that border restrictions also remain in place between NSW and Victoria, including some changes to the ‘border bubble’ this week.

Please watch out for ongoing developments.

Reliable and regularly updated information for Victoria can be found at:

Reliable and regularly updated information can be found for NSW at:

As always, if you feel any flu-like symptoms at all – even mild ones – we encourage you to get tested at your closest Covid testing centre. Fragments of Covid have been detected in waste water in the Wangaratta area, so this area is being monitored particularly closely at present.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding as we all work together to stay safe and keep others safe.