Happy Nurses Day!

Nurses are such an important part of our organisation and play a key role in tackling major health challenges, in hospitals and out in the community. They do more than care for people and help them cope with illness – they advocate for better care and improve public health.

This international Nurses Day, let’s hear from people with firsthand experience.

Nicci Malcolm is one of our continence advisor nurses.

“Community Nursing is a privilege - our clients welcome us into their homes and lives. We as Continence Nurse Advisors listen, assess, and again listen - and then provide education, support and coaching that changes lives. Helping people to make achievable changes in lifestyle can make a huge difference.”

Nursing can also be a pathway into many rewarding professions in the public health sector.

Leigh Rhode CEO

Did you know our CEO, Leigh Rhode started her career as a nurse?

“When I was a young Graduate Psychiatric Nurse I had no idea that the nursing profession would enable me to one day be the CEO of a Community Health Organisation. Nursing can provide you with many and varied, fantastic career opportunities.”

Nurses support and empower our clients every day, and their hard work is a cornerstone of Gateway Health.

To all our wonderful nursing staff: Happy Nurses Day, and thank you for your dedication!