GP Clinic moves to 'Telehealth' service

Gateway Health GP clinics have begun to provide a ‘telehealth’ service to patients. This means it’s now possible to consult with a doctor from home using telephone or video-linked computer rather than attend at the clinic.

Patients must phone ahead to make a booking. (Wangaratta 03 5723 2000; Wodonga 02 6022 8888.)

The receptionist will then help determine whether a telehealth appointment will be suitable for each person’s circumstances.

During the current Covid-19 corona virus emergency, doctors will consult with all patients by telehealth service rather than in person wherever this is possible. This is in the interests of the health and safety of all patients and staff.

If you want to know more, go download our Telehealth Frequently Asked Questions. For an outline of what is required to be able to access Gateway Health’s telehealth facility, download our How to Use Telehealth guide for a quick easy to read overview.

Gateway Health is exploring the possibility of using telehealth with some of its other services too, but for now the service is being provided only for the GP Clinic.