Get Active this April!

If you’ve been thinking about getting more active, we have the perfect opportunity.

It’s officially Active April!

Active Alpine Group (a local community collective of Gateway Health, Alpine Health and Alpine Shire) is encouraging everyone in the Alpine Shire to be more active, more often. 

To get you started, Active Alpine Group has created an Active April Calendar of Events to showcase the activities on offer throughout the Alpine Shire. The calendar includes online and in-person activities. On the calendar, you will find links to both local service providers and home videos (for those who prefer to exercise at home) as well as a range of tips and links for mindfulness and mental health resources.

Some of the perks are:

  1. Ten free passes for the Gym or Pool at the Bright Sports Centre
  2. A free two-week Alpine Fitness Centre membership
  3. Five free sessions of yoga and laughter yoga

There are plenty of free and low-cost activities on offer to get active together.  Why not take this opportunity to kick start a healthier you?

View our Active April Calendar.

Complete a short survey to measure your activity levels before starting Active April

For more information about Active Alpine, contact Health Promotion Officer, Sarah Nevin at .