COVID-19: Tackling the language barrier

A lot of Gateway Health’s patients and clients come from non-English speaking backgrounds.

So in the midst of the Covid-19 corona virus emergency, many have a need to access important health information in languages other than English.

To help community leaders and others, we’re able to point to some excellent sources of multilingual information and advice on Covid-19 (and other health issues) available outside of Gateway Health.

Here’s three good ones:

The Victorian Government has a site providing information on Covid-19 issues in multiple languages:

The SBS broadcasting network offers a multilingual corona virus portal:

And the Victorian Government has an excellent health translation service allowing you to search a wide range of health topics in many languages:

The information above has been translated into Swahili and Nepali, languages relevant to particular migrant communities in our region experiencing a need for more information in their languages. Thanks to the Albury-Wodonga Ethnic Communities Council for this translation.

pdf Covid-19_translated_information_sources_-_SWAHILI.pdf108.70 KB28/04/2020

pdf Covid-19_translated_information_sources_-_NEPALI.pdf59.11 KB28/04/2020