If you’ve been thinking about getting more active, we have the perfect opportunity.

It’s officially Active April!

Active Alpine Group (a local community collective of Gateway Health, Alpine Health and Alpine Shire) is encouraging everyone in the Alpine Shire to be more active, more often. 

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A list of all clinics currently offering Covid-19 vaccinations has been provided by the Commonwealth Government, which is in charge of the national vaccine distribution process.

The list can be found by going to the ‘eligibility checker’ provided on the Department of Health website: https://covid-vaccine.healthdirect.gov.au/eligibility

You will need to go through the process of entering your details to confirm (1) whether you are eligible to get your vaccination yet, and (2) where you can go to book and receive your vaccination.

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Gateway Health is one of the locations where vaccinations will be given against Covid 19 – but not until late April at least.

Though vaccinations against Covid-19 start in Victoria from Monday 22 March 2021, Gateway Health has been advised it will not receive doses for local use for some weeks.

Gateway Health GP Clinics in Wangaratta and Wodonga will be administering the AstraZeneca vaccine developed in the UK.

A small number of other clinics in Wangaratta and Albury Wodonga will also be providing these vaccinations.

Please note that there will be very limited supplies in the early stages while vaccine supplies are being imported. Priority is being given to people in the highest at-risk categories first.

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Normal telephone service has been restored to our Wangaratta and Wodonga centres, following some technical problems encountered last week.

Our apologies for any inconvenience.

Normal telephone service has been resumed in our Myrtleford office.  Our apologies to anyone inconvenienced by the problems last week.

Information is starting to become available on Australia-wide Covid-19 vaccination. These sites offer useful information that is now being updated regularly.




When more local information becomes available to us, we will share it with you here and on our Facebook page.

There will be a need to reschedule some Gateway Health appointments due to the new 5-day Covid-19 lockdown announced by the Victorian Premier, starting 11:59pm Friday 12 February.

If you have an appointment scheduled any time from Monday 15/2 to Wednesday 17/2, you can expect to be contacted by us.  

Gateway Health phone reception will continue to operate as usual.

For latest State-wide information on the five-day lockdown, go to: https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/coronavirus

We all need iron in our diet to keep our bodies healthy and working properly. A new video from Gateway Health provides interesting information on just how important it is, and how we can make sure we’re getting enough.

Even better the video is also available in a range of languages spoken by some of our newest migrant groups in the community.

Working with the Albury Wodonga Ethnic Communities Council (AWECC), the Gateway Health video has been produced in English, and translated into three languages commonly spoken amongst newer arrivals: Swahili, Kinyarwanda, and Nepali.

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