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Listening To Voices

See, feel and hear ordinary people taking the lead role in their own story, sharing experiences of voices, depression, anxiety, trauma and of diagnosis, life, loss, and ultimately hope. This powerful performance is something rare and important that balances humour alongside tough topics such as bullying, self-harm and suicide, to ultimately build empathy and unite us all in the human journey.

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Full Performance (theatre or conference setting)

  • Increase capacity of communities to understand diverse narratives in mental health and to explore what helps.
  • An adaptable and powerful way to bring communities together.
  • Honest and intelligently crafted, personal accounts.
  • Drives initiatives and conversations about mental health between community stakeholders.
  • Reduces stigma of voice hearing and psychosis.
  • Tackles tough topics and inspires hope in recovery.
  • Shifts perspectives, creates empathy and connection.

Professional Development

  • Unique stories inspire re ection and bespoke responses through information, workshops and performance.
  • Listening to Voices can adapt performance scenarios to topics relevant in your workplace or study.
  • The scenes act as a catalyst to conversation and workshops provide education and inspiration.
  • Professionals or those training have an opportunity to reflect on their practice and “unpack” the conversation around mental health and what helps.

Lived experience drama workshops

Evidence based health intervention for wellbeing and participation as well as an active space for advocacy.
The activity and the sharing through performance is part of a broader vision for increasing:

  • Community driven initiatives for mental health.
  • Peer support and mentoring.
  • Develops the lived experience into a valued social role.
  • A creative space to listen and develop diverse, appropriate and compassionate responses to distress and social injustice.