Listening To Voices

Local people are shifting community perspectives of voice hearing, mental illness and recovery through innovative and creative theatre.


This innovative and creative theatre involves courageous performances from ordinary people who know first-hand what it is like being diagnosed with mental illness.
Local people under the direction of nationally renowned director Catherine Simmonds provide the audience a unique experience in seeing, hearing and feeling their journey.  They share their experiences of voices, depression, anxiety and of diagnosis, of life, loss and ultimately hope.  This performance is something rare and important that balances humour alongside  tough topics such as suicide, to ultimately unite us all in the human journey.  

Theatre has a way of allowing the audience to experience and therefore relate to the dilemma, the stories and ultimately release preconceived judgment.  As you will witness… voice hearing is complex, diverse, frightening, challenging and often a very very helpful experience!

Inspire, motivate and educate

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