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Gateway Health supports local food networks in Albury Wodonga and Wangaratta, that aim to strengthen and support local food systems so that everyone in our communities has access to nutritious, affordable foods.

These networks include partnerships with local government, environment groups, local producers and retailers/eateries, neighbourhood houses, and the community.

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Gateway Health has been an active partner in the development and implementation of this strategy.

Current community food projects and initiatives

Supporting food growing/sharing

There are many places to grow and share fresh, local food – edible school gardens, community gardens, neighbourhood houses, food swaps/share programs, community co-operatives, etc. We work with the community to establish local food growing/sharing programs.

Wangaratta Community Food Hub

A place to grow, cook and connect. This is a partnership with Anglicare, Pangerang Community House and Gateway Health that includes a large garden growing produce for emergency food relief, and a free cooking program for community members to learn and share healthy, affordable shopping and cooking skills/knowledge.

We Eat Local

Locating and connecting our local food producers and artisans to local retailers, farmers markets and eateries.

Albury Wodonga Sustainable Living Festival

Linking food projects, events and opportunities to sustainability (AlburyCity & Wodonga Council joint annual festival).

Acres & Acres Cooperative

Supporting the development of market gardens across the Upper Murray as part of local bushfire recovery.

Last Update: August 23rd, 2022