Client Rights and Responsibilities, Privacy and other information

Client Rights and Responsibilities

The Board and staff at Gateway Health aim to provide a service of the highest quality within the provision of our resources. All clients will be informed of his/her rights and responsibilities and  during the time of his/her first visit.

Select here to download the Client Rights and Responsibilities Brochure.



Your rights:

        We will:

Your Responsibilities:

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Access to quality services

Give you access and choice to services that meet your needs where possible. To tell us if your needs change. Let us know if you cannot keep an appointment.
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Safety and care

Provide services in a safe and caring environment. Act in a way that helps you and others to be safe.
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Treated with respect

Be polite and respect your views, opinions and personal circumstances such as your culture, family situation, age, gender, disability, faith, sexual orientation, gender identity, or intersex status. To respect our property and other people using our services.
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Provide information that meets your needs in a way that you understand. To give us complete and accurate information.
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Decide what happens to you

Include you in decisions about services and treatment options and allow you to bring another person to speak on your behalf. This maybe a friend, family member, or trained advocacy worker. Consider following the treatment plans that are given to you and make the decisions that are right for you.
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 Confidentiality and privacy

Protect your personal information and only use it for the right reasons. To value the privacy of others attending programs and services.
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Tell you how you can give us feedback. Give us honest feedback to help us improve or let us know when we do a good job.



Your privacy

Select here to download "Your Privacy" Brochure. This brochure explains how Gateway Health will collect, use, share and keep private your personal and health information.


Client Intake

Client Intake & Assessment Gateway Health has specially trained workers who have a specific role of handling all incoming client enquiries who wish to access our services. These people are our Client Services Intake Staff.

To ensure all clients have fair and equitable access to our services, our intake service takes some details from each enquiry and prioritises each case.

If you are re-entering our agency to receive a service provided by a particular team, you may find some processes have changed.

How Intake Works

An assessment is completed to identify which service will best meet your identified needs.

You will then be linked with the most appropriate service OR in some cases be placed on a waiting list, or offered alternative options such as support groups or group sessions.

As we are not always able to provide specialist services, please be assured that you may be referred to another service within the community only so that you may receive the most appropriate service suited to your needs.


Fees may apply for some of our services.  We will not refuse support to any person based on their ability to pay.  Our Medical Practices have bulk billing available.