Resolve Program

The Resolve program is for young people aged 10 to 21, who are looking for counselling, adolescent mediation and/or family therapy (AMFT).

We provide a suite of services, including restorative justice and family and community group conferencing. We work with the young person and their family as an early-intervention support service, to help decrease family breakdowns and early school leaving.

We work in co-operation with any other supports that are in place already or needing to be. Resolve counsellors can see young people on site at Gateway Health (155 High Street Wodonga) or can outreach to schools, the family home, or anywhere else that is appropriate and comfortable.

Resolve deals with a range of issues young people can face including relationships, anger management, behavioural issues, self-esteem, risk-taking behaviours, self-harm, bullying, coping, grief and loss.

We have extensive knowledge of other agencies and services that we can provide as referrals for young people to deal with issues that need specialised care, such as drug/alcohol, suicidality, mental health, alternative education programs, legal issues, and homelessness.

Accessing the Service

If you or someone you know could benefit from seeing a resolve counsellor, please phone Gateway Health reception staff on (02) 6022 8888 and ask to speak to our centralised intake service, who will ask for the young person’s details and go through their situation with you.

It is best to ask the person being referred whether they are comfortable with you making a referral for them, as it is a voluntary service which they will need to agree to come to. There is a waitlist for resolve as many young people are in need of the service we offer, so please mention anything that is relevant and each referral will be assessed on an individual basis, with all urgent cases able to be seen more quickly.


Once you are phoned and offered an appointment to see a resolve counsellor, they will explain to you during the first session that the time frame a young person can be seen for is up to 6 sessions per family member. Sessions usually go for one hour, and are fortnightly. Sessions can consist of counselling (talk therapy) and/or more creative therapies as deemed appropriate by the worker and the young person. These can involve the young person on their own, or with a support person or family members as needed.